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The ‘Morning Joe’ Crew Nailed Trump As The ‘Most Insecure Guy’ Over His Fear Of Wearing An Ugly Prison Jumpsuit

Donald Trump is staring down four indictments that account for 91 federal felony charges. He’s the first U.S. president, past or present (and probably future), with a mugshot. He could conceivably receive several life sentences without a pardon in sight. And reportedly, one of his biggest reported worries is that prison officials might make him wear an ugly jumpsuit. Given that Trump cares so much about his bronzer and hair, that sounds about right.

Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski couldn’t pass up this chance to comment on the jumpsuit issue. Not too long after Scarborough went to town on Trump’s emotional score while warning of “World War II” on the horizon, the co-hosts found Trump’s list of priorities to check out. “He’s the most insecure guy on the face of the earth behind that facade,” Scarborough commented.

Via Raw Story (where you can watch the video), Scarborough and Brzezinski have ceased to be surprised about any Trump antics, but the former believes that the ex-president’s ability to keep it 1% together in public might soon fade away, too. “The guy, obviously, is cracking,” Scarborough commented. “I think he’s losing it, which is why the last thing he wants to do, the last thing his lawyers want him to do, is go out and debate. He may give admissions, and his political people don’t want him to lose his mind onstage.”

That’s an interesting theory about Trump’s refusal to debate any Republican primary candidates. Perhaps it’s mostly about his crumbling ego, but his lawyers might have advised him that anything he says onstage could be used against him. Trump, paying attention to advice? He must really feel desperate.

(Via Raw Story)