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Kim Kardashian’s First Line In Her ‘American Horror Story’ Debut Is Being Called ‘Iconic’

Is it cool if Kim Kardashian said all that? (This will be the last Taylor Swift reference in a post about Kardashian.)

The SKIMS founder made a memorable American Horror Story: Delicate debut with her first line of the season: “Then tell the Daniels to suck my clit.” Yes, that would be Kim Kardashian relaying a message to Daniels Kwan and Scheinert, the Oscar-winning writers and directors of Everything Everywhere All at Once, to, well, you read what she said. I don’t need to explain it further. That line is quickly followed by, “It’s exhausting being better than everyone.”

Kardashian, who plays a publicist named Siobhan, is in on the joke. She’s embracing her famous-for-being-famous stunt casting as a meta narrative. Not everyone is thrilled, but overall, she received surprisingly strong reviews of her performance. USA Today called her the “only reason” to watch American Horror Story: Delicate, while the the Daily Beast praised Kardashian for “[nailing] the right balance between goofiness and sincerity.” But it’s that first line of the season that people keep coming back to.

Meanwhile, the less said about Kardashian’s co-star Emma Roberts, who has been accused of making anti-trans remarks on the set of a previous American Horror Story season, the better.