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Okay, Maybe Ron DeSantis Did Not Actually Kick Tucker Carlson’s Dog After All (But It’s Still Fun To Pretend)

If there’s one demographic you never, ever want to be on the wrong side of, it’s dog lovers. Unfortunately for Ron DeSantis, he was dropped directly in the crosshairs thanks to a new book that claims the Florida governor “kicked” Tucker Carlson’s dog during a visit to the former Fox News anchor’s home.

The passage accusing DeSantis of the pooch punt comes from Michael Wolff’s new book, The Fall: The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty where he details the disastrous visit. However, DeSantis may have just caught a lucky break. Carlson has denied that the governor kicked his dog in a text message to Insider.

“This is absurd,” Carlson wrote. “He never touched my dog, obviously.”

While Carlson denied the dog-kicking anecdote, he did not refute the depiction of DeSantis not making the best impression on his wife.

Via New York Magazine:

For two hours, Ron DeSantis sat at her table talking in an outdoor voice indoors, failing to observe any basics of conversational ritual or propriety, reeling off an unself-conscious list of his programs and initiatives and political accomplishments. Impersonal, cold, uninterested in anything outside of himself.

According to the excerpt, DeSantis allegedly pushed if not “kicked” one of the Carlson’s beloved cocker spaniels under the table during his loud ranting. That was reportedly the last straw for Carlson’s wife and DeSantis’ chances of being president.

“She did not ever want to be anywhere near anybody like that ever again,” Wolff wrote. “Her husband agreed. DeSantis, in Carlson’s view, was a ‘fascist.’ Forget Ron DeSantis.”

(Via Insider)