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Doja Cat Isn’t Here For A Fan’s Thoughts On Her ‘Ugly-Ass’ ‘Scarlet’ Album Cover: ‘I Don’t Care Anymore About Satisfying You’

There was initially a bit of an issue with the cover art of Doja Cat’s just-released new album, Scarlet. When it was revealed in August, some people realized that the art was pretty much exactly the same as a metal band’s album that was even set for release on the same day. Shortly after that, Doja updated the cover, going with an illustration (by the same artist as before) featuring two spiders.

That hasn’t pleased everybody, though, as some don’t particularly care for the cover. Doja, though, doesn’t particularly care about what detractors think.

A Doja fan page on X (formerly Twitter) shared the cover art for all four of Doja’s albums and wrote, “.@DojaCat never disappoints when it comes to having unique Cover Art’s for her Albums.” Another user, in reference to Scarlet, wrote, “Until those ugly ass ticks.”

Doja responded, “The art I chose for my album is beautiful and I like it a lot. The two spiders signify conquering your fear. None of my album covers had meaning until this album. You not accepting me was a fear I used to have. I don’t care anymore about satisfying you.”

Scarlet is out now via RCA. Find more information here.