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Fox News Brought On A Tatted-Up, Casually Dressed, Retired Pro Wrestler, Tyrus, To Trash Fetterman’s ‘Bad Breakup’ Hoodie

If you thought the Fetterman Hoodie Scandal had already grown to ridiculous heights this week, then Fox News is now moving onto the “hold my beer” phase of the discussion. I’m honestly not sure whether even 1% of Fetterman voters expected that he would slip right into suit-wearing life in Congress, but he did give it a shot upon initial arrival. Following Fetterman’s treatment for major depression, however, he’s gone back to dressing like himself again, which appears to have caused a 180 in his energy level. He’s doing hoodies, cargo shorts, the works. And this has caused a lot of pearl clutching over “unbecoming” attire by a certain congresswoman who always dresses fancy for Capitol Hill but has been known to miss an important vote and, besides that, look at what happened a few weeks ago.

Fetterman, on the other hand, is showing up and getting the job done for the people who voted for him while rocking his tats and, yes, those hoodies. And although Congress has plenty to do, his GOP colleagues are wasting time with an irate letter to implore that the Senate’s newly relaxed dress code be abolished. On Fox News as well, they’ve been trashing Fetterman, and to ostensibly make that point hit home harder, the network had Tyrus contribute his own bashing to this mix.

Yes, that would be the tatted-up, casually dressed, former pro-wrestler Tyrus.

Tyrus proceeded to complain about Fetterman’s clothing as emblematic of the “bend of traditions” that are ruining America, and that Fetterman must not really be serious about the job if he’s dressing like this. “‘The only thing they’re asking is that you get suits, and chances are, they’re tax write-offs anyway.” he complained. Tyrus then justified his own casual dress and backwards hat.

“There’s certain rules and things and decorum – I dress the way I dress,” he declared. “And I said… if you’re going to wear your hat backwards and you’re going to come on TV and represent, you have to have your A-game every time. There has to be a reason they’re willing to accept this. Again, this is not the Senate… this is TV.”

Then came the jokes: “And he dresses like he just got out of a bad breakup. It’s not even casual. I mean, he really dresses like she left him, and he’s been watching nothing but love movies all weekend.”

Anyone who questions whether Fetterman is serious about his job can carve out a few minutes to watch the below clip. No way would this exchange have succeeded more if the dude was wearing a suit.

Meanwhile, Fox News hosts will continue to be aghast at the idea of “flannel pajamas on an airplane!”