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Brian Kilmeade Almost Went Full Tucker Carlson With His Reaction Face After His Source Was Called Out As A ‘Completely Crazy Person’

The cable news realm is no longer graced with Tucker Carlson’s wallpaper face every weeknight while he disseminates dangerous disinformation. Jesse Watters took over that time slot, but additionally, Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade is doing his part to fill the far-right conspiracy-theory space. And like Carlson, Kilmeade’s reaction faces tend to be more informative than his subject matter, especially whenever Steve Doocy acts at the voice of reason during any spirited debate.

Kilmeade’s reaction faces certainly have taken a turn lately. You could practically see his spirit deflate when Doocy schooled him on the seriousness of Trump’s legal problems. That subject came up again, and Kilmeade looked like someone flushed his goldfish. However, Kilmeade was in charge — or so he thought — while solo-interviewing ex-Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko. This didn’t turn out as planned.

Kilmeade may have thought he had a scoop while citing former Ukraine Prosecutor General Victor Shokin, who claimed that he had been fired on then-VP Biden’s orders. However, Poroshenko contradicted Kilmeade and called out Shokin as a “completely crazy person” who has “something wrong with him.” That led to the above reaction face, as you can see in motion below.

A lesson for humanity: Never go full Tucker.