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Kevin Abstract Begins A New Solo Era By Teasing His ‘Sleepover’ Single And Announcing A New Show

It has been nearly a year since Brockhampton’s epic farewell show and true to his promise, Kevin Abstract has returned with new solo music due by the end of the year. Today, he shared a teaser of his new single “Blanket,” announcing an intimate show later this week at The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever.

The teaser for “Blanket,” a short film called “Sleepover,” features a young boy playing video games with his imaginary friends when something goes bump in the night. Over on his website, you can check out the teaser, get tickets to the show, and even play a browser game, guiding a little race car through a maze. Those of us old enough to remember the halcyon days of early meme internet already know bettter than to even try it.

Abstract returned to Twitter to announce all this after deactivating his account late last year (he sure picked a helluva time for it). While the final Brockhampton albums were released just before this, one, The Family, mostly consisted of Kevin Abstract material, prompting him to explain that the group had “a lot to say outside of group projects.”

So far, Abstract isn’t the only member to announce solo work; Jabari Manwa released a new single as Saga Bouy earlier this year.