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The Director Of Hulu’s Mega-Hit ‘No One Will Save You’ Detailed The Wild Influences For His Spooky Alien Movie

With its arrival on Hulu, the wildly fun alien suspense thriller No One Will Save You has been bowling over audiences who can’t believe it didn’t get a theatrical release. The film follows Kaitlyn Dever as an anxiety-riddled young woman named Brynn that never wants to leave the house until she gets some terrifying visitors.

While opening up about the sci-fi film’s many inspirations, which include Minority Report and Total Recall, director Brian Duffield didn’t shy away from one of No One Will Save You‘s most surprising comparison: Marvel’s Groot.

The tree-like creature has been a staple of the Guardians of the Galaxy films (as well as appearances in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame) and is most known for communicating only through the use of “I am Groot.” While James Gunn has revealed that everyone of Groot’s lines has an English meaning, Duffield wants to go a different route with his aliens.

Via Polygon:

“What’s cool about Guardians is — they did such a cool thing in Guardians 3. Peter Quill understands what Groot is saying, and the audience doesn’t. Gamora spends the movie being like, What is this tree saying? And then at the end, she understands him, and the audience does, too. I think the fact that Brynn never understands the aliens means it would be a bit of a cheat for the audience to learn more than she does.”

Clearly a Marvel buff, Duffield expanded on the Groot comparison even further.

“Rocket and Quill know what Groot is saying all the time, but Brynn is baffled,” he explained. “She has no idea. But she’s recognizing that they’re saying the same thing to her a couple of different times. You can play with that and try to understand what they were saying all these different times to her? But I don’t think I’ll do a subtitle version.”

No One Will Save You is now streaming on Hulu.

(Via Polygon)