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Damian Lillard Is ‘Excited For My Next Chapter’ With The Bucks

One outstanding question in the aftermath of the Milwaukee Bucks’ gigantic trade for Damian Lillard revolved around how the deal would be received by its centerpiece. It was made abundantly clear that Lillard wanted the Portland Trail Blazers to send him to the Miami Heat, which is not going to end up happening.

But not long after the deal was announced, Lillard took to social media and expressed his immediate thoughts. After making clear that he has nothing but love for Portland, Lillard made clear that he’s excited to go to work in Milwaukee.

The good news for the Bucks is that Lillard has said in the past that he would like to play alongside Antetokounmpo, while their MVP forward has never been shy about how big of a fan he is of his new running mate. While making this trade happen cost a pretty penny — most notably, Milwaukee had to jettison Jrue Holiday, who was a crucial piece to their championship run back in 2021 — Lillard is the exact sort of player who should help them remain at the very top of the Eastern Conference. One of the few things that could have hurt their chances of doing that was Lillard having a problem with the move, but fortunately for Milwaukee, that doesn’t seem like a problem.