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Lauren Boebert Has Gone From Embarrassing Herself In Public With Groping At Musicals To Embarrassing Herself In Public With Idiotic Bigotry On The House Floor

Has getting kicked out of the Beetlejuice musical for vaping, talking loudly, and doing hand stuff caused a moment of reflection for Lauren Boebert?

Nope! If anything, she’s gotten worse since her public humiliation.

The gun-toting Colorado congresswoman proposed an amendment on Wednesday to reduce the salary of Shawn Skelly, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Readiness, to one dollar. Why? As a punishment for Skelly being trans. During her tirade, Boebert made a show of misgendering Skelly, who she accused of “failing at his job and the basic responsibilities.” She added, “This delusional man thinking he is a woman, embodies and espouses the wokeism that that’s causing significant harm to our military readiness and troops’ morale.”

Boebert is being called a “transphobic idiot” on social media for her comments. Another X user wrote, “We all like to make fun of Boebert for the Beetlejuice incident, and for generally being a messy disaster. But it’s easy to forget- she’s also a deeply hateful bigot.” Here’s more:

This isn’t the first time that Boebert has made her hateful views towards the LGBTQIA+ community known. GLAAD reports that she “introduced legislation in the House to block research into gender-affirming treatments for transgender youth, claiming that trans youth are ‘sexualized and used for horrific sexual research’ when given life-saving puberty blockers.”