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An Old Damian Lillard Tweet About Wanting To Play With Giannis Made The Rounds After His Trade To The Bucks

Damian Lillard is finally on the move to an Eastern Conference powerhouse. The catch: Lillard is not on his way to the Miami Heat. Instead, the Milwaukee Bucks pulled off a blockbuster trade for the Portland Trail Blazers’ All-Star guard in a three-team deal that also includes the Phoenix Suns.

It is a gigantic move by Milwaukee, one that comes soon after Giannis Antetokounmpo once again made clear that he is prepared to look around when his contract is up if the team can’t keep competing for championships. Now, he has a new backcourt running mate, and in a fun turn of events, he’s previously identified Lillard as a player with whom he’d like to play.

As it turns out, this feeling is shared by Lillard. Back in 2022, a fan asked Lillard on Twitter which player he’d pick out of anyone in the NBA to help him achieve his goal of getting to the Finals, and as you can guess, he selected his newest teammate.

While the pair have been teamed up alongside one another in the All-Star Game in the past, this obviously gives them the opportunity to line up alongside one another in far more meaningful games going forward. And while the top of the Eastern Conference is awfully good, it’s hard to think of a better trio in the conference than these two and Khris Middleton.