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Alex Jones Begged An Australia Jiu-Jitsu Champ To Choke Him Out, And His Wish Was Granted

Alex Jones stopped by an Australia jiu-jitsu champ’s podcast and did what any sane person would do: Begged to have the oxygen cut off to his brain.

While chatting with world champ Craig Jones, the InfoWars host complained that MMA star Eddie Bravo wouldn’t choke him out on Joe Rogan’s show. Realizing he might have a more willing taker, the conspiracy theorist start begging Craig to do the honors.

“Come on, come do it. Wide shot. Here we go,” Alex said. “I’m a lights-out. Take a little snoozy.”

Like any polite host, Craig obliged and proceeded to put Alex in a rear-naked choke, which according to The Daily Beast, is one of the best known submission moves in the world. The embattled podcaster who owes billions to the Sandy Hook families was out almost immediately.

“What? What did I just do?” Jones asked after waking up. “What was I just doing? Did I actually pass out? Huh? I did pass out? Did you really do it? What was I like when I came back?”

Of course, this is Alex Jones we’re talking about, so it’s fair to ask if he really passed out. It doesn’t look entirely convincing to our eyes, and Craig seems to be laughing the whole time. In fact, he joked about it later on Instagram.

“The CIA sent me but I couldn’t do my dad like that,” he wrote alongside a clip of the now-viral moment.

(Via The Daily Beast)