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‘The Blind Side’s Michael Oher’s Conservatorship Has Been Terminated By A Judge Who Can’t Believe It Even Existed

Michael Oher just scored a significant victory in his legal battle with Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy. The Memphis couple’s adoption of the now-former NFL star was the subject of The Blind Side, a best-selling book by Michael Lewis that became a smash when it was adapted into a film starring Sandra Bullock.

However, Oher recently revealed that the he was never actually adopted by the Tuohys, but instead, entered into a questionable conservatorship that he claims allowed them to profit off his story and enrich themselves along with their biological children. Oher has since taken the Tuohys to court where Probate Court Judge Kathleen Gomes not only terminated the conservatorship, but openly questioned how it even existed in the first place.

Via Associated Press:

Gomes said she was disturbed that such an agreement was ever reached. She said she had never seen in her 43-year career a conservatorship agreement reached with someone who was not disabled.

“I cannot believe it got done,” she said.

Oher and Tuohys listened in by video conference call but did not speak. Lawyers for both parties had agreed that the agreement should end, but the case will continue to address Oher’s claims. Gomes said it should have ended long ago.

The Tuohys have denied Oher’s claims that they “enriched themselves at this expense” and have referred to his accusations as a “shakedown.” The couple also claims that Oher knew about the conservatorship, and that it was only used to get him into University of Mississippi by making him part of the Tuohy family “in some fashion.”

(Via Associated Press)