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Mike Lindell Is Huffing And Puffing About The Collapse Of MyPillow Because His Creditors Launched An ‘All-Out Attack’

“Life moves pretty fast,” as a wise character named Ferris Bueller once told the world.

Not too long ago, MyPillow guru Mike Lindell was reportedly wandering the White House freely and without an escort. These days, he’s melting down in depositions and unable to get his phone back after it got swiped by the FBI in a Hardee’s drive-thru.

Lindell now suggests, although he could simply be trying to drive donations, that MyPillow is on the brink of full-on extinction. This week, he dropped two relevant claims, including telling Steve Bannon (via Newsweek) that American Express dropped his long-standing million-dollar credit line “down to $100,000, just cripples MyPillow” for “no reason.” He then raged that this is evidence of an “all-out attack on MyPillow.” Also this week, he groused to choke-out fan Alex Jones to blame Fox News more MyPillow chaos because they settled their Dominion Voting Systems lawsuits, which led to vendors and creditors freaking out on him. From Raw Story:

During a Thursday interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Lindell explained how his company had spiraled downward after retailers stopped selling his merchandise and Fox News made a “dirty deal” to settle a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems. Lindell is also facing a lawsuit from the voting machine company.

“When that happened, I had vendors get very nervous, and banks get very nervous about my bills,” he recalled. “They’re calling me up. I said, no, that doesn’t even go into court ’til next year.”

It’s not great, but that’s what happens when one devotes one’s entire existence to attempting to overturn democracy while worshipping at the MAGA altar. Lindell was once perched atop his MyPillow empire, and now, he’s claiming that it’s about to all come clattering down around him.

(Via Newsweek & Raw Story)