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The ‘Saw’ Traps Designer Sure Does Want Those ‘Saw X’ Traps To Be Easily Accessible For All

I know what you’re thinking: there is a very large elephant in the room and we have to address this. Saw X takes place between Saw and Saw II, but over the last two decades, the saw traps have gotten so complex, how on earth will the latest film make an adequate saw trap without utilizing 2010s technology? This is really what keeps people up at night. Along with the idea that you might wake up in an underground subway system with your tongue stuck in a metal contraption. Luckily, the people behind the movie knew what to do.

For Saw X, the producers wanted to bring it back to the basics that helped Saw become the iconic gruesome series that spawned 10 sequels. “We knew we wanted to make the traps less complicated,” executive producer Mark Burg recently told IndieWire. Surely anything will be less complicated than the Saw timeline.

Burg added, “We wanted to make traps that you could basically put together from Home Depot. At some point our traps got bigger and more complex, and we wanted to bring it back down.” That means no more laser traps, even though those looked pretty cool. Does Home Depot even sell lasers? What aisle were these guys looking in?

Since Saw X takes place sometime in 2004, the original Jigsaw was making these traps, and he wasn’t totally a professional yet. “As far as the traps were concerned, our main objective was to make sure that everybody believes that John Kramer made these traps,” Production designer Anthony Stabley said. “We wanted to make sure that it reflects the early Saw films.” That means MORE creepy clown doll on a tricycle and LESS Chris Rock! It seems like they have delivered.

Saw X is now in theaters.

(Via IndieWire)