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John Fetterman Is Sick Of MAGA Republican ‘Losers’ Turning Congress Into ‘The Steve Wilkos Show’

On Saturday, a mere three hours before the deadline, Congress passed a stopgap spending measure to avoid a shutdown of the federal government — for the time being. All the bill does is delay matters for 45 days. Will the MAGA extremist wing, populated by the likes of professional nuisance Matt Gaetz, try to shut things down again? Almost certainly. And Democrats are already bracing for the next tussle.

Per Insider, John Fetterman — fresh off the even more important pickle over the Senate dress code — torched the MAGA twerps for sowing chaos instead of helping American citizenry.

“I voted at 8:30pm on a Saturday night, that’s my job. But the American people should never have to worry about their government shutting down,” Fetterman wrote in a statement. “Pushing the snooze button solves nothing, because these same losers will try to pull the same sh*t in 45 days.”

Fetterman added that he’s “done normalizing this dysfunction,” adding, “This is not entertainment, it’s governance. We must not allow the Freedom Caucus to turn our government into The Steve Wilkos Show.”

He was of course referring to the show that carries on the proud tradition of The Jerry Springer Show, where guests may act like maniacs but at least they don’t heckle presidents as they’re talking about their dead sons, much less get handsy during a production of the Beetlejuice musical.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared similar sentiments, saying there aren’t any “moderates in the Republican party” any more, “just different degrees of fealty to Donald Trump.” She also compared their desperate antics to thwart Democrats to an out-of-control Roomba, desperately searching for a “door that Democrats opened.”

For now, though, the federal government is up and running and Matt Gaetz is already plotting Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s ousterunless he gets expelled first.

(Via Insider)