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House Republicans Are Up To Here With Tiresome Nuisance Matt Gaetz And May Vote To Expel Him: ‘We Want Him Out’

Matt Gaetz has sure been in the news a lot lately. The Florida representative was one of the main characters in the recently averted government shutdown, duking it out with Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, whom he absolutely does not like one bit. After McCarthy sided with Democrats to get a short-term extension, Gaetz was quick to vow he would formally introduce measures to oust him from his gig. But it turns out Gaetz may be the one expelled.

In a report by CNN (in a bit caught by Mediaite), an unnamed House Republican said the caucus was up to here with the meddlesome nuisance. The source pointed to the Ethics Committee investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct, illicit drug use, and other abuses, which was revived over the summer. Should investigators conclude that Gaetz is guilty, his colleagues may try to expel him for good.

“We want him out,” said the anonymous member.

They’re not the only one sick of Gaetz. Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich spoke to other House Republicans, one of whom said, “No one can stand him at this point. A smart guy without morals.”

Has this left Gaetz spooked? Of course not. Often priding himself on how unpopular he is among the chamber, he responded to these threats with a meme, superimposing his face upon Keanu Reeves’ in the poster for John Wick: Chapter 2, which features the actor surrounded by assassins wielding guns.

After all this mess has concluded, who will be out on the street: McCarthy? Gaetz? Both? For now, though, Americans don’t have to worry about the MAGA wing erasing the federal government again — at least for another month-and-a-half.

(Via CNN and Mediaite)