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Britney Spears’ Estranged Husband, Sam Asghari, Did Not Tolerate Don Jr.’s Swipe At Her Knife Dancing

Much has been made of Britney Spears’ decision to dance with knives, which of course led to plenty of scrutiny and also prompted an LAPD welfare check. Britney has hinted that she was swept up in the spirit of Halloween and/or paying tribute to Shakira with said dancing, and it seems like almost everyone has weighed in on the controversy, so it was apparently time for Don Jr. to wade in, too.

Over the weekend, the ex-presidential son had some spare time, despite everything, and decided to share a meme that attributed the knife dancing to being of “America Under Biden.” Don Jr. also labeled a throwback photo of Britney as “America Under Trump” (and captioned the whole thing as “yup”) because I guess he thinks his dad was president in the late 1990s? No one knows, but his use of the meme was overall not a good look.

Britney’s estranged husband, Sam Asghari, decided that he wasn’t going to let this joke/meme slide. Via Page Six, Sam took to his Instagram stories and tagged Don Jr. while writing, “It’s not okay to be a bully.”

Sam and Britney announced their divorce in late August. It’s been said that he’s getting nothing in the prenup other than gifts previously bestowed by the singer. He didn’t seem forthcoming on the subject of his ex when TMZ recently caught up with him, but clearly, Sam felt that Don Jr. needs to chill out and leave Britney alone.

(Via Page Six)