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‘Invincible’ Creator Robert Kirkman Revealed A Pivotal Change That Viewers Can Expect In Season 2

After first debuting in 2021, Invincible proved to be a smash hit with fans thanks to the faithful adaptation of the Robert Kirkman comic. The Amazon series follows teenage Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun) as his superpowers finally kick in and he can follow in the footsteps of his dad Nolan (J.K. Simmons) a.k.a. the intensely powerful Omni-Man. Unfortunately, things go catastrophically south with their father/son relationship, setting the stage for the highly-anticipated Season 2 that finally debuts next month.

While you’d think the status of Mark and his dad’s relationship would be the top concern on fans minds, not so much, according to Kirkman. In a new interview with IGN, the comics creator revealed the question he gets asked a lot coming out of Season 1: “When is Mark going to start winning fights?”

In fairness, Mark got the snot beat out of him in the first season as he slowly got the hang of his powers. He also got thrown into a brutal fight where he stood absolutely zero chance against his opponent: His own dad. However, according to Kirkman, things are going to start turning around for Mark, but not too much!

“He starts winning fights in Season 2,” Kirkman told IGN. “He still does lose fights, though. Angstrom Levy is another big part of that, just showing Mark as a capable superhero who can stand on his own and to really give people a sense of what this show really is about.”

That being said, don’t look for Mark to become a triumphant hero right out of the gate. Invincible doesn’t work like that, and Kirkman made it clear that Mark’s journey is only warming up in Season 2.

“Mark is in this place where he was on this trajectory to become this superhero, and everything seemed to be going really well. Now, he’s been shaken to his core,” Kirkman said. “Aside from the betrayal, he’s also left with being the new last line of defense on Earth. He’s the guy that’s the only one strong enough to actually replace Nolan, so he’s kind of thrust further into this superhero world that he may not quite be prepared for, and there’s no end of conflict that’s boiling on the planet that is coming at him nonstop.”

Invincible Season 2 premieres November 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

(Via IGN)