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A ‘Naked Attraction’ Producer Answered The (Ahem) Biggest Question About Male Contestants On The Nude Dating Show

Max‘s Naked Attraction is your average dating show with one big (or small or average sized) difference: the contestants are naked. The British series has been a much-discussed hit since quietly dropping on the streaming service, which came as a surprise to executive producer Darrell Olsen. “We thought it probably wouldn’t [air in the United States] due to the general restrictions in the States and the public feeling about nudity on TV,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

Olsen also revealed the process behind finding contestants, who spend much of the episode standing in glass pods like they’re on display in a museum. “Everyone thinks everyone coming on is a naturist or massive extrovert who just runs around naked. Some of the people are quite shy. It’s just about finding people who have enough body confidence to come on the show,” he explained. The contestants might be confident, but the guys are also not above trying to make themselves look more.

Do guys ever try anything to make themselves appear, you know, bigger?

When the screens are down before before we start, it’s hard to know what they’re doing. A few of them pull in their stomach.

The heat isn’t the only thing getting cranked [gets escorted by security into a Naked Attraction tube that’s then launched into the sun]

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)