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A Snoop Dogg-Voiced Spam Call Company Has Reportedly Been Named In A Lawsuit By Frustrated Consumers

Across generations, Snoop Dogg is one of the most popular rappers. His likeness, lyrics, and catchphrases have ended up at the center of several hilarious moments in pop culture. However, one company’s use of the “Beautiful” musician’s voice has been the bane of some folks’ existence.

According to AllHipHop, Bottom Line Concepts’ telemarketing efforts using Snoop Dogg’s voice have reportedly landed them in a hated lawsuit. In court documents obtained by the outlet, an individual named Qiana Martin has sued the company for their excessive outreach efforts. The company made attempts to solicit business from Martin supposedly without expressed consent. When Martin did not answer a telephone call on August 30, a message dictated by Snoop Dogg was left on Martin’s voicemail.

A representative from Martin’s legal team claimed Martin was subject to “concrete harm” from the unsolicited communication. Martin is seeking damages for invasion of privacy and nuisance, as well as Martin’s incurred legal costs. The team notes that Martin is entitled to a minimum of $500 per call. However, they asserted Martin should receive $1,500 per call as the company’s continued actions were intentional despite Martin’s lack of engagement with the company and expressed disapproval.

Listen to the supposed automated voicemail message below.