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‘The Boys’ Toasted A Certain ‘Gen V’ Cameo With A Throwback Joke Worth Knocking Back, Soaking In, And Guzzling

(Spoilers for Amazon’s Gen V will be found below.)

The Boys spinoff Gen V is a true chip off the old block, and the flagship series has always been there to “Bless Your Little Cotton Socks” off the college-aged crew that’s holding their own in the raunch department. The new crowd will make the older one proud, for there’s already been ball stomping and orifice infiltration, and there’s plenty more to come on that note.

Also, cameos galore from The Boys shall materialize, and the show tossed in a few during the first three episodes. In particular, we didn’t quite get to see Homelander, but we did see someone who used to be very close to him — before he killed her with those laser eyes. That would be Madelyn Stillwell, former wrangler of The Seven and adoptive maternal figure (and more) to the Baddest Supe. Stillwell is seen in some promotional material for Godolkin University, and The Boys were so happy, they had to address the subject on Twitter. Naturally, one has to read this in Billy Butcher’s voice: “Would never want to milk a cameo, but it was great seeing her again.”

Gen V responded with an innocent question: “[W]hat is it with you guys and milk??”

The chyron also tells the tale: “[Growing] up without a father figure… he’l be the first to tell you I filled a void for him.” So Homelander is definitely alive and well in spirit as well as statue form on this show, and naturally, responses embraced the milk guzzling in spades.

New episodes of Amazon’s ‘Gen V’ stream on Fridays.