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Drew Barrymore’s Post-Strike Return (After That False Start) Might Be Bumpier Than Expected

There’s jumping the gun, and then there’s what The Drew Barrymore Show did. Last month, the daytime talk show’s titular star announced it was returning, even though the WGA strike was still raging. Massive backlash ensued and Barrymore had to renege on her plans. Had she only waited a week-and-a-half, things might have turned out different. But the show’s on course to return for real this time, although with a bit of extra bumpiness.

As per Deadline, The Drew Barrymore Show is set to come back on October 16. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it will do so minus three of its head writers. Chelsea White, Cristina Kinon and Liz Koe, Deadline reports, have “decided not to return to the show.”

Sources say that after the strike ended, all three were extended new offers. All three declined. The show is in the process of interviewing new writers, with less than two weeks before its comeback.

Kinon was among those interviewed in September, when the strike was on its last legs. When asked what she thought about her show returning without its writers, Kinon said, “It’s not personal,” adding, “Everybody’s doing what they need to do. They’re going on with the show, and we are picketing.”

(Via Deadline)