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The Much Anticipated Emergency Alert Test Still Freaked People Out, And Not For The Reason They Expected

Although Twitter isn’t the meeting spot that it used to be, people still gathered there after hearing Wednesday’s Emergency Alert Test in action. The “why” of this test makes sense, but still, hearing it was a whole other matter. That godforsaken sound will never fail to make people jump out of their skin.

To make matters more discombobulating, FEMA had publicized that the test should be expected at 2:20pm EST. Granted, the FEMA website did specify that this would happen “approximately” at that time, but nonetheless, the tone arriving two minutes early was not embraced as a pleasant surprise. In fact, people are feeling a lot like Walter White in a certain Breaking Bad scene. All I’m adding on that note is this: be careful if you see people throwing pizzas onto roofs as a protest later.

As we now know en masse, the Emergency Alert Test worked. If you have the jitters now, you are definitely not alone, but at least you didn’t react like Aaron Rodgers might have done.

For many other people, though, the most rattling aspect of this test came from its early arrival.

Hopefully, we can all recover soon and sleep easy tonight, knowing that the government could wake us up for the heck of it at any given moment. That’s better than having bed bugs, though!