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‘Naked Attraction’ Viewers Are Sharing Stories About People They Know Going On The Nude Dating Show

The current most popular series on Max isn’t The Sopranos, The Wire, or Enlightened (what a beautiful world that would be). It’s Naked Attraction, a British series where a clothed contestant decides which naked person they want to go on a date with. If only there was another way to see nudity…

Naked Attraction premiered on Britain’s Channel 4 in 2016 and has run for seven seasons, so there are hundreds of British people who have stood in the glass tubes, naked, hoping to be picked. Based on a Reddit thread from before the show debuted on Max, they enjoy talking about the experience.

User stevielfc76 asked, “Does anyone know anyone who has been on Naked Attraction?” Here are some of the more memorable responses:

Yep, a girl who worked with us (40 people in the company) went on, told everyone, and absolutely owned it. Was a bit of a shock, as I guess I’d always slightly judged people who went on but she made me rethink me prejudices. Nothing came of it for her but hell she took a chance.

Yes a friend of mine did. We got it up on the TV at our local and everyone watched it. From Fetlife I know he was into small dick humiliation so I’m assuming he went home, read the online comments and wanked himself into a coma.

A friend of mine went on it; I’ve not seen the episode as I watched a few of the first series and never bothered after that.

He was photographer at my wedding. Apparently it came up in conversation during the wedding breakfast and another mate of mine who was on the same table excused herself for a few mins, found the episode online, watched his reveal, and then came back. She continued flirting with him so presumably she was impressed with what she saw!

A really obnoxious guy who used to drink at my local. He also bragged about it. Obviously it didn’t take long for screenshots to get passed round all the regulars/ staff. He was so up himself he really did appear to be immune to ridicule. Fascinating.

My girlfriend worked with a guy for a short time who was on one episode, he was an arrogant twat. He drove a stupid car around that looked like some thing out of Ali G. He was fairly open about the whole thing. His boss at the time would tell everyone to watch the episode. She was in a sex club and wasn’t exactly shy about it at work either. She managed to “accidentally” send a picture of her vagina to a work WhatsApp group among other things.

Yes, but I’ve not watched it, but of the people I know who did watch his episode they said they weren’t surprised he was willing to go given the equipment he has haha

I know of someone who I’m friends on Facebook with (same job, different company in an incestuous industry with lots of mutual friends) that was on it. He had a smaller member and they zoomed in on it for about 15 seconds while discussing how it was ok to be smaller.

He occasionally posts about it on Facebook and doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.

A guy from my secondary school was on there. I always thought he was kinda hot in a “mysterious way”, but hadn’t seen him since I went onto college.

Was kinda intrigued to see what he looked like naked, and when finally he went nude I actually didn’t really think much – it was a bit if an anti climax. But not in the way of “he didnt look good naked”, more like I was no longer the 16yo who giggled at slight nudity and I’m now a 31yo woman who has seen plenty of it. Wasn’t a big deal, and I actually was impressed with his bravery.

Nice dong tho.

I was hoping that story would end in marriage. Alas.

(Via Reddit)