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What’s Up With The Post-Credits Scene In The ‘Loki’ Season 2 Premiere?

As if the Loki Season 2 premiere didn’t have already fans losing their minds over the show’s return, the episode also dropped a post-credits scene for a little extra fun.

In the stinger, Sylvie steps through a time door into 1980’s Broxton, Oklahoma. From there, she makes her way to a nearby McDonald’s. Clearly unfamiliar with the fast food chain, she attempts to order some sort of meat before the cashier recommends the Chicken McNuggets. (A solid option.) But before she makes her final choice, Sylvie looks around and notices all of the happy people enjoying themselves. After a moment, she decides she’ll have “everything” as the scene fades to black.

But what the heck does it all mean?

For starters, Sylvie spent her entire life seeking revenge on the TVA for taking her away from her family. With the agency seemingly doomed thanks to her killing its secret architect and mastermind, He Who Remains, she can now pursue a life of happiness. That apparently includes stuffing her face with McDonald’s, but hey, it’s her first day.

However, judging by the trailers and promotional materials, it appears Sylvie will end up working behind the counter. Could that be the result of her ordering everything on the menu and having no way to pay for it? Or will reality break itself even further thanks to the death of He Who Remains?

In the meantime, Broxton also has a notable connection to the Thor comics. From the mid-2000s to mid-2010s, Thor operated out of the Oklahoma town, and at one point, Asgard itself was relocated to the skies above. The town’s inclusion could just be a neat Easter egg, but you never know with Loki, which is part of the fun.

Loki streams new episodes Thursday on Disney+.