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Will There Be A ‘No One Will Save You’ Sequel?

You can tell that a sci-fi thriller is doing something cool when Stephen King calls it “daring.” This is exactly what happened with Hulu‘s No One Will Save You, a mostly-dialogue-free new movie starring Kaitlyn Dever. It follows the Justified actress as a young woman who must go through an alien invasion all on her own. She lives in a secluded home and makes miniatures to cope with the death of her mother. Sound familiar? The movie became a solid hit for the streamer, and of course, that means the topic of sequels has come up.

Director Brian Duffield said that while sequels might be tempting for fans, he’s not sure the movie should get one. “I am not the biggest sequel guy. I joked with Kaitlyn, maybe it’s every seven years, we’ll do our Before Sunset and we’ll save you,” he told SlashFilm, referencing the Richard Linklater sequel that took place nearly a decade after the original.

Even though he was joking, Duffield says he could always whip up another story if the people want it, and, more importantly, if Hulu is on board. He added, “I could do a sequel. I have no plans to do a sequel. If enough people watched it on Hulu and everyone’s begging for it, we’ll talk. There’s not a franchise super plan in my head yet. It would take a lot of work then I’d be so stressed out that I have to come up with something.” Please don’t stress this man out! Sometimes, a sequel is not needed. Let’s learn to live with one movie at a time.

(Via Slashfilm)