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Communication coach can determine your personality using just 4 pieces of paper

Communication Coach Zac Broomfield, or @l4coach on TikTok, has shared a fun test test that he says can provide valuable insights into someone’s personality. Zac is a professional family communication expert at Level 4 Coaching.

“There’s a question I ask my clients about which piece of paper you would prefer,” Zac begins the video. “While this isn’t a scientific assessment, I have found that there are some common traits amongst folks that pick a certain type of paper.”

To begin the assessment, Coach Zac asks his clients to choose from four types of paper: lined paper, blank printer paper, a page from a coloring book, and graph paper. He then provides a detailed personality profile based on their paper preference.


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Here’s Zac’s breakdown of the different choices:

Coloring book page

Zac says that coloring book people are creative, open-minded and nurturing but are looking “for folks to create a structure for them.” He adds that people with this preference often work with children or in healthcare.

Graph paper

“They prefer to create a structure for themselves,” he says. These people are logical, analytical and love organization. These are your engineers, mathematicians and architects.

​Lined paper

These people are orderly, disciplined, responsible, and tend to be reflective and thoughtful. These people are planners, journalers, readers and writers.

Blank computer paper

“These are independent, self-reliant people,” he says, adding they “can be a little bit controlling.” These folks tend to be out-of-the-box thinkers and are often innovators or entrepreneurs.

Zac ends the video by noting that the test isn’t “absolute” but that it’s a “fun question to ask,” and it gives you a “little bit of insight.”