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Meet Jordan Li: Who Are The Two Actors Who Portray ‘Gen V’s Genderfluid Supe?

The Boys spinoff Gen V has already given us characters worth velcroing to our sleeves after a handful of episodes. Those include the occasionally fun-sized Little Cricket, portrayed by Lizzie Broadway, and the blood-bending Marie Moreau, played by Jaz Sinclair. Two other actors, however, portray the same character, Jordan Li, who holds “classic” powers like shooting energy at opponents and, on a more individualized note, is also capable of gender-bending in the blink of an eye.

As seen above, this Asian-American Godolkin University student with a runner-up ranking to enter The Seven cuts an imposing figure. Actually, they cut two imposing figures, given that the show portrays two incarnations of the genderfluid character. This makes Jordan’s newfound relationship with Marie even more celebrated by fans, but also, two different actors gain a chance to shine in this plum role. Who are they?

On the right, London Thor is not only the cast member with the most awesome real-life name but also a Korean-American actress who has been building up her presence in the streaming realm. In addition to roles in You and Never Have I Ever, Thor has appeared in Lady Bird and an arc in Showtime’s U.S.-based Shameless.

On the left, Derek Luh portrays the more indestructible incarnation of Jordan who tends to surface during physical altercations. As well, the Supe tends to greet their parents with this outward physicality. (However, both actors have appeared in romantic scenes with Marie.) Luh’s credits include an arc on Shining Vale as well as appearances on All Rise and Runaways.

As a package deal, Jordan Li can not only kick some serious ass and keep their wits about themselves amid the apparent corruption at God U, but the show’s interpretation of their genderfluidity might be the coolest Supe power in The Boys history.

Amazon’s Gen V streams new episodes on Fridays.