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Jimmy Kimmel Offered A Solution To Keep ‘The MAGAlorian’ Donald Trump Out Of The White House

Jimmy Kimmel knows a way to prevent round two of the Trump presidency.

“At the White House today, President Biden gave a speech forcibly condemning the evil attacks on Israel by Hamas and confirmed that Americans are among those taken hostage and at least 14 Americans were killed. He vowed to do everything in his power to bring the Americans home safe,” the Jimmy Kimmel Live host said during his monologue on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Donald Trump — or “the MAGAlorian” as Kimmel dubbed him — is throwing one of his patented tantrums on Truth Social.

“The attack on Israel NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED if I were President. Neither would any of the many other disasters like, Ukraine/Russia, Loss of Energy Independence, Afghanistan, Inflation, the Border Disaster, and so much more! MAGA!” the former president wrote in one post. In another, he screamed, “I KEPT ISRAEL SAFE! NOBODY ELSE WILL, NOBODY ELSE CAN, AND I KNOW ALL OF THE PLAYERS!!!”

After calling Trump “McRib Rambo,” Kimmel continued, “It’s pretty clear at this point that he’s got no connection with reality at all. All he can see is perfect phone calls and unfair witch hunts, elections he won, wars he would have prevented. Right now we could build a little Oval Office in a mental institution and put him in there. Tell him he’s been reinstated as president. He’d be perfectly content, drawing on weather maps and pushing that little red Diet Coke button. He’d be happy, we’d be happy. Let’s get it done.”

As long as Trump can still have a phone to call his good buddy Hannibal Lecter (no apps, though), it’s crazy enough to work. You can watch Kimmel’s monologue above.