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‘She Stuck Her Tongue In My Ear!’: Madonna Apparently Made Quite The Impression On Al Pacino When They First Met

Madonna and Al Pacino first worked together in 1990’s Dick Tracy (me and who), but they met years before.

In the biography Madonna: A Rebel Life, Madonna’s former roommate, Whitley Hill, told author Mary Gabriel that her dad, actor Ed Setrakian, introduced the Oscar-winning actor to the Queen of Pop in the late 1970s during a dinner at a New York City restaurant. After Pacino came over to sit with Madonna and company, the singer “unwrapped a stick of gum and ate it in a slow, deliberate manner,” according to Insider. Hill believes the idea was “to call attention to her mouth.” And her tongue.

Setrakian drove everyone, including Pacino and Madonna, home following the dinner. Later, he called his daughter and informed her what Pacino told him. “That friend of your daughter’s stuck her tongue in my ear. When we were driving home, she leaned over and stuck her tongue in my ear!” he claimed. Setrakian didn’t reveal what happened next, but you can probably guess (they shared a Dunkaccino).

Madonna was forced to reschedule her Celebration Tour following a medical emergency, but she’ll hit the road again this month. You can see her new dates here, as well as her previously-banned Pepsi commercial.

(Via Insider)