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Dillon Brooks Got Fined $25,000 For Hitting Daniel Theis In The Nuts

Dillon Brooks began his tenure with the Houston Rockets in the most Dillon Brooks way possible, getting ejected less than five minutes into his first preseason game for a low blow on Pacers big man Daniel Theis.

Brooks has quite the history of hitting opponents below the belt, most famously doing so to LeBron James in Game 3 of their playoff series against the Lakers and also started a fight in Cleveland after hitting Donovan Mitchell in the nuts during the regular season. Brooks was ejected for both of those instances as well, and after his preseason antics, the NBA decided they needed to add an additional $25,000 fine to the Flagrant 2 ejection, noting it was “reckless” contact to Theis.

Brooks has long toed the line between playing hard and playing dirty, but recently his actions have come under the microscope and there is no longer any benefit of the doubt given to him for anything like this. As such, he’s going to either have to change his ways or keep getting tossed and fined, which one wonders if that will wear on Houston the same way it did on Memphis, with the Grizzlies ultimately making it clear they’d be moving on and not pursuing Brooks again once he hit free agency.