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‘Gen V’ Viewers Seem To Have The Same Complaint About This Week’s Episode

(Yep, Gen V spoilers will be found below.)

Gen V viewers are hooked. That much is obvious, and incredibly enough, the “c*cksplosion” has already been washed away due to revelations from this week (Episode 5, “Welcome To the Monster Club”). We learned about implanted trackers and shadiness happening with the woods, and Sam’s thing with the Muppets is a whole lot of WTF (there’s a lot of those WTF moments, btw). Meanwhile, Marie wants both forms of Jordan, even though Jordan has trouble believing that this could be true. C’mon, Jordan. Read the room.

And somehow, the episode managed to jam-pack everything into around 35 minutes. [record scratch]

Yes, that’s right. This was both a miraculous feat and a semi-cruel one, as fans discovered and then judged. Relatively speaking, this is a good complaint to have, because that means that viewers want more.

Yet the episode felt overwhelmingly short to some, and that’s a rarity on streaming TV, where brevity can sometimes be a source of relief. A lot of shows could stand to trim 10 minutes per episode is all I’m saying, but The Boys and Gen V both couldn’t feel bloated if they tried (but please don’t try). So yes, this episode felt a little too short, and this complaint was echoed far and wide. Granted this is not happening with the level of viciousness of that silly review bombing of The Boys when many protested the weekly episode format (which actually rules), but the people want more Gen V!

Again, it’s a good problem to have, but it feels close to unanimous out there, both on a Reddit thread and on Twitter.

Too brief for sure. Yet at least this happened:

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