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‘Loki’ Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over Tom Hiddleston And Owen Wilson’s Season 2 Chemistry

Loki Season 2 dropped its second episode, “Breaking Brad,” on Thursday night, and Loki fans are already caught up in their feels over watching Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson together again.

After solving Loki’s time-slipping issue in the Season 2 premiere, Loki and Mobius are finally partnered up again as they search for Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) in 1977 London. Not only do the two slip right back into their buddy cop routine, but their chemistry is off the charts as they cross paths with X-5 (Rafael Casal). After catching the rogue hunter, he rattles both Loki and Mobius during an interrogation attempt, which leads to a tender moment of the two bonding over pie.

While each enjoy a slice of shockingly green key lime pie (which, weirdly, is the only thing the cafeteria served), Loki comforts Mobius and assures him that everyone loses their cool. The two actors beautifully sell the scene, and it’s one of the most compelling Marvel moments in years. There was no green screen or special effects, just two actors doing great character work.

Later in the episode, Loki and Mobius fail to stop Dox (Kate Dickie) from bombing branches of the timeline, which causes a catastrophic loss of live across realities. As the gravity of the situation sets in, Loki places his hands on Mobius’ shoulder, and Loki fans lost their minds.

Hiddleston and Wilson have chemistry for days, and Season 2 is doing a great job of leaning into it. You can see from the reactions below that Loki fans can’t get enough of them together:

Loki streams new episodes Thursday on Disney+.