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It Appears There Is Mini-Feud Brewing Between Taylor Swift And, Uh… Beloved Horror Icon Billy The Puppet

It’s very important to talk about what’s going on in your local movie theater right now. While some unsuspecting families are going out to see the Paw Patrol film, others are gearing up to see the most important cinematic experience of our generation, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. And it seems like Swift has unknowingly caused a feud between herself and like….everyone else.

Billy the Puppet, the legendary tricycle-wielding doll who magically appears when you are in your final hour, seemed to have taken the day off from trapping innocent victims and gotten himself a large popcorn for a night out on the town in his local AMC. And you’d think that the people would respect this, but Swift fans were swift (ha!) to call him a fake fan. They didn’t even get his name right. The blatant disrespect is astounding.

Could there be some tension brewing? Probably! Is Lionsgate using Taylor Swift to sell their little torture movie? Sure. But is it true that the infamous dark blue pullover that Billy is wearing is a rare and sought-after merch item that is actually hard to find? Yes, it’s absurd. This means that, unlike others, Billy is a real fan and not just a friendship bracelet-wearing poser. He even knows the lyrics to “Mean” which is not a Top 10 hit.

On the other hand, it would make sense for Billy to be mad. Saw X was supposed to debut on the coveted Friday the 13th release date, but Swift’s movie forced the installment to be released a week early. It might have actually helped a bit– the movie was a success (compared to 2021’s Spiral) and it seems like the date change didn’t affect Billy that much. At least he now has time to do fun things like see Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour in between building death traps. I wonder if he’ll stop by the Renaissance tour.