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John Oliver Went To Town On ‘The Most Transparent Lie’ George Santos Has Ever Told, ‘Which Is Saying Something’

John Oliver zeroed in on the chaos happening in Congress thanks to the Republican majority’s inability to choose a new House speaker to replace the recently ousted Kevin McCarthy. Naturally, embattled congressman George Santos had a hand to play in the dysfunction, and Oliver couldn’t resist pointing out what he believes is Santos’ biggest lie yet.

During Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver played a clip of Santos being questioned by a reporter on why he didn’t vote for Steve Scalise, whose run at the House speaker position collapsed under the GOP insanity.

Via Huffpost:

Santos moaned to reporters last week that Scalise hadn’t responded to his multiple requests for guidance, slamming it as a “dereliction of duty.”

“Is he snubbing you?” one journalist asked Santos.

“I don’t know. I don’t care quite frankly,” the congressman snapped back before leaving the scene.

Oliver didn’t believe Santos, which is usually the best route to take.

“Are you sure about that? Because it really seems like it’s because Scalise snubbed you,” Oliver said. “Honestly, Santos saying, ‘I don’t care,’ in a tone that makes it clear he absolutely cares might be the most transparent lie that he’s ever told, which is saying something.”

Oliver then noted that Santos is backing Jim Jordan for the House speaker role over Scalise.

“For George Santos, an almost clinically chaotic man, to decide that you don’t have fundamental leadership skills is truly damning,” Oliver quipped.

(Via Huffpost)