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Jordan Klepper Returned To Trump Rallies After Months On Strike And May Have Talked To A Jan. 6 Perpetrator

Thanks to the WGA strike, Jordan Klepper had five months off from one of the more chaotic jobs in America: talking to Trump supporters. On Monday, The Daily Show returned, and with it the correspondent’s segments in which he hobnobs with MAGA heads. Have they gotten better, more sensible since May? Absolutely not. If anything, the three indictments Donald Trump has nabbed since then have made them even more incoherent.

The segment finds Klepper in New Hampshire, where he runs afoul of many a shirt emblazoned with Trump’s instantly iconic mugshot. “Never surrender to the tie-ryanny,” says one younger fan, badly mispronouncing a word even Trump gets right. When Klepper points out that on the shirt the former president is doing exactly that — surrendering to tie-ranny — the poor guy can only respond with a truant “Huh?”

Another gentleman, clad head-to-toe in pricey MAGA merch, complains about how under Biden Americans have trouble buying basic necessities, like milk and eggs. He then admitted he’d spent “a couple thousand dollars” on Trump swag.

Then there’s the 91 elephants in the room. While supporters parrot Trump, calling the dozens of criminal charges filed against him part of a “witch hunt,” some have trouble keeping each indictment straight. One supporter tries to remember when Trump started using that phrase, guessing it might have been around the time of the “lady charges.”

“Lady charges: Is that Stormy Daniels lady charge or sexual assault?” Klepper asks him.

“Sexual assault,” he replies. When asked if he was found guilty on that one, the man replies, “I think so.”

There was also a disturbingly weird trend: When asked to name their favorite Trump rally, multiple people said January 6. Klepper asked one if he made it inside the Capitol building alongside the many who were later arrested and sometimes jailed on federal charges.

“Uhhhh, I can’t say that, for legal reasons,” he replied.

“So you may or may not have been involved in treasonous activity?” Klepper asked.

“Yeah, well, I can’t get into that one,” he sheepishly responded.

Klepper then told him to “try not to overthrow any duly elected officials,” to which he said he’d “be good today.”

You can watch Klepper’s return segment in the video above.