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Lauren Boebert Spent Hundreds In Campaign Cash At Her ‘Beetlejuice’ Date’s Drag Queen-Friendly Bar

Hard to believe, but it’s been over a month since Lauren Boebert was thrown out of a regional production of the Beetlejuice musical for disruptive behavior, including getting handsy with her date. Since then the incident has produced one plot twist after another. But if you thought the story had run its course, think again.

Per Politico, the Colorado representative’s most recent campaign finance filings reveal she dropped a whopping $317.48 back in July at Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in Aspen. That, incidentally, is the same establishment owned by Quinn Gallagher, Boebert’s date at the show.

As earlier reported, Gallagher is a Democrat, which Boebert claimed is the reason that she parted ways with him after getting busted getting frisky at an all-ages musical. What’s more, his bar hosts drag queen events — something Boebert and her fellow MAGA extremists stridently oppose, at least publicly.

Boebert’s campaign manager tried to brush off her spending hundreds at a gay-friendly establishment that runs in the face of one of her culture war bugaboos, saying, “Meeting with donors and covering their food and beverage costs at a popular local establishment of their choosing is a standard campaign procedure.”

In the filing, the money is reported as being for “event catering.”

After word that Boebert had been ejected from a family musical about ghosts, the lawmaker tried to play it down. Surveillance footage soon contradicted her claims. She then kept accidentally bringing it up. It’s been a couple weeks since her Beetlejuice antics produced new news, but apparently the story’s not quite dead yet.

(Via Politico)