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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Viewers Are Certain Pat Sajak Let A Contestant Win With An Incorrect Answer

One of the most important rules on Wheel of Fortune is: solve the puzzle exactly how it reads on the board. Simple, right? But a contestant did not follow this rule during Tuesday’s episode and still won, and viewers have thoughts.

The Wheel of Fortune crossword clue was “Butter.” When it came time to solve the puzzle, contestant Nadine was reminded by host Pat Sajak to “say everything, don’t add anything.” It sounded like she guessed “Fly, Fingers, Bean, Nuts” (as in Butterfly, Butterfingers, etc.) and won the round, but that technically was wrong: she should have said “Fly, Fingers, Bean, Nut.” It’s a singular “nut,” not “nuts” (please stop giggling). That makes all the difference on Wheel, and fans of the game show were quick to point out the mistake on X.

“Did anyone see S41 E27 ON 10/17/23 GAME SHOW, WHEEL OF FORTUNE. THE PUZZLE WAS BUTTER____. THE ANSWERS WERE FLY, FINGERS, BEAN AND NUT BUT NADINE SAID NUTS. THERE WASN’T A “S” AFTER THE “T” AND SHE STILL WON THAT ROUND,” @Naenae1two wrote, while @beer_n_deer added, “We re-round it 3 times because our whole family heard nutS. She shouldn’t have won the round.” The closed captioning agrees:

Vanna White won’t let this sh*t fly in the post-Sajak years.

(Via Yahoo! Entertainment)