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Monaleo Reveals Her Wig Plug For Uproxx’s ‘Bar Stories’ While Breaking Down ‘Crying On Your Birthday’

Uproxx Bar Stories is back with another rising artist explaining the lyrics behind one of her breakout hits. Monaleo, fresh from throwing a one-woman party on UPROXX Sessions with “Crying On Your Birthday,” breaks down one of her favorite bars from the hard-hitting new anthem. She tells Uproxx’s resident Texan Cherise Johnson that while the line in question makes a slick play on the word “wigs,” she hasn’t actually “wigged out” on anyone over not paying for hers.

However, as she puts it, “If he wants me to look good and send him pictures, and he wants to pull on my wig, all types of crazy sh*t, he at least gotta pay for the install. I don’t feel like I’m wrong for that.”

Fair enough. Check out Monaleo’s Bar Story below.

Funnily enough, wigs are apparently a recurring theme in the Houston rapper’s music. One song on her debut album, Where The Flowers Don’t Die, is called “Wig Splitter,” with a video she shot at home while pregnant with her first child. Now that both the baby and the album are out, it looks like Monaleo is on a mission to ensure that she doesn’t need anyone to pay for those wigs at all — or do the splitting, which she can also do herself.