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Michigan State Apologized For Running A Trivia Video With A Hitler Question On The Jumbotron

Michigan State’s football program has not been having a good year, as the Spartans entered Saturday night’s rivalry game with Michigan at 2-4 and are playing for an interim head coach after firing Mel Tucker for alleged sexual harassment earlier this season.

Things did not get any better on Saturday night, as the team got crushed by Michigan as the Wolverines rolled up 42 points in the first three quarters before calling off the dogs in the fourth. Adding to the dreadful night from the Spartans was a trivia video that got played during warmups on the jumbotron that attracted some unwanted attention. That was because there was a question about Adolf Hitler that included just having his photo up on the screen that looked truly awful if you just looked up and saw it without context.

Even with the context of being a random trivia game that was asking, for some reason, where Hitler was born, it’s not good and in the middle of the fourth quarter the Michigan State athletics department had to issue a statement apologizing for the video.

The third party video mentioned in the statement is just a trivia video from The Quiz Channel on YouTube, which was apparently not looked at well enough to realize that running a video that features a photo of Hitler might not be a good decision for a stadium jumbotron.