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‘SNL’ Weekend Update Sent Up Jada Pinkett Smith ‘Publicly Cucking’ Her ‘Millionaire Husband’

Jada Pinkett Smith sure has been busy lately. She’s been everywhere, promoting her new memoir Worthy, and dropping one shocking revelation after another. Among the most jaw-dropping was that she and her husband, Will Smith, have been technically separated for years — though it appears him slapping Chris Rock on live television may have at least partially healed those wounds. During its second episode of the season, the newly returned SNL had some fun with this mess.

During Weekend Update, Ego Nwodim made an appearance as Pinkett Smith. She began by apologizing. “Sorry if I seem a little tired,” she said. “I’ve been on the Today Show 14 times in three days.”

She then talked about always knowing their union was doomed. “The day we got married, I knew there was going to be trouble. At our wedding, someone stood up and objected,” she said. When co-host Michael Che asked who that was, she admitted it was herself.

“But it’s OK,” she went on, “because 23 years later, Will and I are still a unit. And it’s because we have learned that the secret to a successful marriage is: Never go to bed happy.”

Che brought up that Pinkett Smith has described her marriage as “brutiful,” a portmanteau of “brutal” and “beautiful.” Nwodim’s Pinkett Smith added another: “brunhealthy.”

After trying to talk Tupac Shakur yet again, Nwodim’s Jada went back to herself, saying, “Nothing makes me feel stronger than publicly cucking my millionaire husband.”

You can watch Nwodim send up Pinkett Smith in the video above.