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Is Troy Telling The Truth About Alicia’s Fate On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’?

After The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon said au revoir until Season 2, the franchise’s first spinoff is back in motion for its final reanimation, and the Season 8B trailer teased several reunions like Victor Strand and (somehow) Troy. The trailer also suggested that Madison could still — maybe? — reunite with her daughter, Alicia, before the show ends.

There are shades of “should we trust….?” going on with both Victor and Troy, but the latter would be the character most likely to f*ck with Madison because, well, let’s just simplify things by mentioning that Victor and Madison go back in a good way, whereas Troy and Madison do not. Also, Troy can’t be thrilled with being left for dead, so he definitely still has an axe to grind with Madison, and he delivered some “news” about Alicia. She was, of course, last seen with her feverish character choosing to leave her companions at the end of Season 7.

On this week’s FTWD episode, Troy presented Alicia’s prosthetic arm as “evidence” that he killed the fan-favorite character and left her to roam as a reanimated corpse — a fate even worse than death. Yet can Troy’s word be trusted? Here’s what co-showrunner Ian Goldberg told Entertainment Weekly:

“Well, it’s complicated because he does have her arm. That’s definitely Alicia’s arm. At the same time, Troy has not always proven himself to be the most trustworthy character, so we’ll have to see in these final few episodes what the truth is of what happened. But we will be exploring that further, and we will be answering exactly how he got that arm.”

Additionally, Comic Book spoke with both Goldberg and co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss, and here’s how that shook out:

“Whether Troy is telling the truth is something that you’re just going to have to watch the rest of the season to find out,” Goldberg told ComicBook. Added Chambliss: “We will definitely find out whether or not Troy’s story is true, and what actually went down between Troy and Alicia.”

So, who to believe? It really doesn’t seem likely that Alicia could survive a walker bite, amputate her own arm, sustain fevers and radiation poisoning (possibly a key combination, if June’s previous hunch on a virus cure is to believed), and all that, only to be taken out by Troy. That would be an outcome that spits in the face of Alycia Debnam-Carey’s character. Speaking of which, Debnam-Carey presumably left the series to work on other projects like The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart and Saint X. One would think, however, that she could squeeze in a quick finale appearance, especially since Goldberg was so adamant about the full-circle outcomes for main characters. We shall see!

AMC’s Fear The Walking Episodes airs on Sunday nights.