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John Stamos Confessed To Not Only Being Absurdly Jealous Of The ‘Full House’ Kids But Another Cast Member, Too

‘Tis the season for celebrity memoirs, and that means that oversharing is in high gear from entertainers. That includes John Stamos, who’s If You Would Have Told Me: A Memoir arrives in bookstores on October 24. He’s already dropped several tidbits, including how he caught his girlfriend in bed with Tony Danza and was ridiculously jealous of Jodie Sweetin getting more laughs than him from the Full House live audience.

Of course, Stamos also famously got the Olsen Twins fired as babies, so let’s just say that he had a bit of an envy issue on Full House, and as it turns out, he was not only envious of the kids but also had an issue with the late Bob Saget. Yes, that would be Stamos’ good friend Bob Saget, but Stamos claims that they were anything but friends at first. Stamos felt like Saget committed “sabotage” in order to be funnier for the audience. Via The Daily Beast:

Stamos and Saget did not initially get along when they started on Full House; Stamos’ actorly instincts apparently clashed with Saget’s “comedy Tourette’s.” While Stamos would obsess over small details in the script, he recalls, Saget would sabotage his efforts with jokes. Whenever the time came for another promotional photo, the two would jockey over who got to hold Michelle.

Yep, Bob and John both got jealous about who got to hold an Olsen Twin for promotional purposes, all after Stamos had inwardly grumbled, “I don’t wanna play second fiddle to some rugrats.” It was to the point of him begging, “Get me the f*ck off this show,” but hey, it’s a good thing that Stamos didn’t (or couldn’t) leave. If that had happened, he may have never gone onto other roles like the captivating Dr. Nicky on You. Also, we would have missed out on all that “Kokomo.”

(Via The Daily Beast)