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Ivanka Trump Looked Happier Than She Ever Has Before In Public While Attending Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Party

Ivanka Trump has largely stayed out of the public eye while her father has been indicted into oblivion. She was, reportedly, seen sneaking into Mar-a-Lago and has been the subject of heavy speculation on whether or not she would testify against her father in his fiasco of a New York case. All of that is up in the air, but it’s worth noting that Ivanka generally didn’t look too happy during her “Trump” tenure.

She did, however, look like she was having a ball over the weekend at Kim Kardashian’s birthday party. You’ll have to scroll through to photo five, below, and you might not even recognize Ivanka at first glance (I did a slight double take) because she’s genuinely smiling.

This certainly isn’t the first time these two have been photographed together. Years ago, they attended a criminal justice reform presentation together, but nowadays, Ivanka appears to be back in “civilian” celebrity mode and attending events like a Kardashian bash in Los Angeles. Also, Kim wrote, “So blessed to have hit the jackpot of friends! I couldn’t have ever dreamed I would be so lucky to call these girls my friends.” And check out her dessert in Photo #6. That seems like a real Is It Cake? candidate, but at least she was enjoying herself, too.