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Will There Be A Season 2 Of ‘Bodies’ On Netflix?

With Bodies now streaming on Netflix, murder mystery fans have been enthralled by the new series starring Stephen Graham that follows four detectives in the past, present, and future who somehow find themselves staring at the same dead body.

After bingeing all eight episodes, the big question is will there be a Season 2 of Bodies? Well, there’s some good news and bad news on that front. The good news is that creator Paul Tomalin got to tell the complete story he wanted to tell while tackling the adaptation of the Si Spencer graphic novel. The bad news is that Bodies is officially a limited series and will not have a second season.

“I grew up in the ’80s with movies. I fell in love with endings,” Tomalin explained at a preview Q&A for the series via Dexerto. “Obviously what TV represents as writers is a mental objective that you can go into, but there’s also such a thrill in being focused. Quite often you’re watching a show like ‘How many series? Oh, Christ!’ You have to have a really stinking cold to be able to catch up.”

“So this is a one-and-done,” Tomalin said. “It’s eight steps, like an eight-hour movie. We leave you hopefully spinning and reeling at 5am when you need to go to work the next day. It’s a binge, and I love it because there’s a certainty. Sometimes you can feel things dragging out, and this one never runs on fumes.”

Here’s the official synopsis:

In present-day London, Detective Sergeant Shahara Hasan encounters a suspicious teen during a protest. Realizing he’s armed, she chases him through the city’s alleyways until she’s stopped in her tracks: He’s pointing his gun right at her, and a naked body lies motionless beside him. When the teen flees, Shahara realizes she didn’t hear his gun go off. As she investigates the man’s death, her journey toward the truth parallels three other investigations across multiple timelines — each of them involving different detectives but the same victim. As the four detectives attempt to solve the case, they unravel a mystery that could put hundreds of thousands of lives at stake.

Bodies is now available for streaming on Netflix.

(Via Dexerto)