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Kimmel Mocked Trump’s Silly Little Pantomimed Threat Against Biden That He Made After Calling Himself ‘Nelson Mandela’

You can tell that Jimmy Kimmel is (still) genuinely thrilled to be back in action after the WGA strike’s conclusion. The host clearly missed riffing in front of a live audience, and he’s caught up on plenty of Trump antics and is now hitting a stride. His fun so far has included an astute observation about one of Trump’s lawyers along with the jokes about the “scumbag” ex-president’s most famous insults. From there, Trump rallies generally provide a sound bite or two that provokes no shortage of laughter.

In this instance, Trump was reacting to the plea bargains from Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro, who the ex-president argued were terrified into taking their deals. And to Trump, this was all part of a conspiracy against him because he dared to challenge the election.

“If you want to challenge the results of an election, they hound you,” he bloviated at around the 4:45 mark above. “But we don’t get scared.” Then he added, “I don’t mind being Nelson Mandela, because I’m doing it for a reason.” This comparison, of course, drew a mumble from Kimmel’s audience (after the host corrected the label to “Nelson Mandelicatessen”) because Trump would never be considered anti-apartheid in any universe.

Still, that wasn’t all. He demonstrated what he could do to Biden if given the chance. He even did a little pantomimed punch with a “poof, poof, poof!” This was very much a toddler move, of course, but we’ve seen how he handles that sippy cup, so it all checks out.

Trump was not done yet: “Poof, poof, poof. I’d hit him right in that fake nose. He’d have plastic lying all over the floor.”

Plastic? Hmm. It must be noted that Biden’s nose has never appeared to be “fake,” but fact checking ain’t a strong suit with this performer. Kimmel points out as much and then goes to town on the “poof” exclamation. Watch the full video above.