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What Are Rhea Seehorn And Scoot McNairy’s Roles In ‘Invincible’ Season 2?

With Invincible Season 2 just a little over a week away, more details about the show’s impressive voice cast are spilling out. This time around, we have the goods on who Better Call Saul champ Rhea Seehorn will be playing as well as the always great Scoot McNairy.

The second season will pick up after the catastrophic events of the Season 1 finale, which saw Mark/Invincible’s father Omni-Man reveal his true intentions to conquer Earth. More brutally, he revealed his contempt for human life as Omni-Man proceeded to viciously pummel Mark for not joining him, leaving hundreds if not thousands dead in the aftermath.

Now, Mark is on his own and left to wonder when his father will return to take over the Earth. As if that’s not enough on his plate, he’s now the world’s protector and will have to contend with an ever-expanding list of allies and threats. As for where Seehorn and McNairy fall on that list, we got you covered.


In a surprising casting move considering this storyline happens much later in the comics, Rhea Seehorn will be voicing the character of Andressa, who is from a bug-like species known as the Thraxans. We won’t spoil anything for you, but she is responsible for a major bombshell in Mark’s life. If you want to avoid spoilers, be careful clicking out there.

King Lizard

As for Scoot McNairy, he’ll be voicing King Lizard, the head of the Lizard League, which is basically a group of lizard-themed super-villains. While they may seem like more fodder for Mark to punch, they do rack up some superhero deaths in the comics, so they’re not as goofy as they seem.

Invincible Season 2 slams into Amazon Prime Video on November 3.