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The View’s Joy Behar Had To Be Censored Three Times During A Heated (And Hilarious) Episode

Joy Behar just set a new record for The View. The co-host managed to have producers scrambling for the censor button three times while talking to Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, who was on hand to promote his new book on witnessing the January 6 insurrection.

Like all political conversations, things went quickly downhill when Behar brought up Donald Trump, the man responsible for the “Stop The Steal” rally that infamously ended with the Capitol being breached. Unfortunately, The View watchers at home didn’t get to hear what Behar had to say because it was apparently too strong for daytime TV.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

“What if Donald Trump wins again, would you…” the 81-year-old asked, though the show’s audio cut out before she finished. When it returned, Behar’s cohosts laughed around the table as Alyssa Farah Griffin — a former Trump associate — said, “Give me a stiffer drink.”

“You got anything stronger?” Dunn asked before he was censored for saying something as well.

“We need heroes like you all the time,” Behar continued, to which Dunn replied, “I’ve always said I’ll address that issue when we cross that bridge, but…” before the show seemingly suspended the audio feed for a third and final time.

But that wasn’t Behar’s only wild moment. The View co-host was on one during Tuesday’s episode as she also voiced some strong opinions about Taylor Swift.

“This addiction to Taylor Swift has to stop!” Behar exclaimed (via Decider) during a panel discussion on ticket prices for Swift’s Eras Tour.

Talking politics is one thing, but criticizing Taylor Swift? Joy was playing with the hottest fire of them all, folks.

(Via Entertainment Weekly, Decider)