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Please Listen To Chaos Aficionado Eric Andre Tell Jimmy Kimmel A Long And Strange Story About Smoking Toad Venom

Eric Andre dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday where the chaotic comedian proceeded to spin a kind of tale that you don’t usually see on the late night show. Mostly because it involved smoking toad venom and flying through an intergalactic anus.

Andre was on hand to promote his new book, Dumb Ideas, and he felt the best way to do that was telling Kimmel’s audience about his toad adventure.

“There’s a toad that lives in the Sonoran desert that hibernates for nine months out of the year in mud, and then it comes out of the mud like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now and it eats rats and it f—s hot other toads,” Andre told Kimmel. “It’s a big, giant toad, but if you smoke the venom off of its legs, you get high out of your mind.”

Naturally, Andre didn’t stop there and proceeded to tell Kimmel exactly how high he got. Via Entertainment Weekly:

“I sailed into the anus of the Milky Way galaxy, spun around Saturn’s rings, and had Thanksgiving dinner with God. It was unbelievable.”

The Prank Panel star explained that the toad’s venom is a “DMT derivative,” which is “a strong hallucinogenic” that has become popular in recent years. “You release it in your brain when you die, and when you’re born it’s incredible,” he said. “It’s kind of ayahuasca but on acid. If ayahuasca did acid, it’d be toad venom.”

But Andre wasn’t done yet. He wanted to make sure everyone knows exactly how to smoke toad venom in case the opportunity presents itself.

“You smoke it in, like, a little crack pipe,” Andre said. “You scrape it off the legs of the toad and you smoke it in a crack pipe and you go right into Neptune.”

Sounds…great? Thank you, Eric Andre.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)